Deep thoughts!

Doctor Who is an awesome show! I love DW so much because the Doctor teaches you truth. He teaches you that knowledge is power and it’s the most powerful weapon out there; he teaches you that happy endings don’t always exist and life is not a fairytale but just because every song ends, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the music. 

Doctor Who isn’t just a tv show many people watch on BBC but a way of life. It seems crazy to watch a show of “a madman in a box” but that madman is a genius! Sometimes in life we all need to be alone from watching everyone we love leave or get hurt and they left because we did the hurting but I feel that every Doctor is a new version of the Doctor trying to be a better person. He doesn’t always get in right but it teaches us that we are human and in so many ways the Doctor is human also. He loves and feels, I mean he must feel more than anyone! HE HAS TWO HEARTS! I know a broken heart hurts a lot but I couldn’t image the pain of two at once :/ 

Many people think I’m crazy or weird but if you really think about Doctor Who, you’d understand that you can learn so much while enjoying such a great show at the same time.